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Client/Customer Appreciation

Thanking even the youngest client can build your business and garner long-lasting loyalty.
"Braces Away" Chewy Lemonheads, Smarties, Trident, Crest Toothpaste, Toothbrush. Call for a quote; pricing based on quantity
A thank you that generates "sweet" thoughts and repeat business.
"Nam's Bits" fresh baked award-winning mini chocolate chip cookies... Our number one repeat item. Call for a quote; pricing based on quantity
The perfect "little" something for any occasion; silver plated platter with wine, gourmet crackers, cracker spread and chocolates.
"Tasty Tidings" Price: $40 (as shown). A wide selection of wine available. Call for pricing.
Perched atop a large tin of savory classic cheese straws our fun little crustacean... Crabby is delivering a bottle of wine and Virginia peanuts! Once
"Crabby" Price: $60 (as shown)
This deluxe tower is an ideal way to say Thank You to a group or family. Something for everyone... jumbo tin with forty ounces of premium peanuts
"Nuts About You" Price: $85 (as shown)


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